Clean air in Utah County Homes

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Breath Clean-Healthy, Hospital-Grade Air in your Utah County home. My homes heating and cooling system is outfitted with all three of the most important indoor air quality products including (Whole-House Steam Humidifier, Electronic Air Purification System & Whole-House Anti-Bacterial Scrubber.)

Benefits of “Indoor Air Quality” System in your Utah County Home

IAQ = Indoor Air Quality improves respiratory functions while eliminating dry itchy skin among various other ailments. The best time to install your indoor air quality products are during the course of heating & air conditioning replacement…

* The Whole-House True Steam Humidification improves the quality and comfort of your homes air space by moisturizing your body’s respiratory functions and your skin… Properly humidified air space feels warmer allowing the occupants of the home to feel warmer and in turn being more comfortable with less utility costs, humidified air also relieves discomforts such as dry itchy skin as well as being health for house-hold furnishings such as art-work and wood-work

* The Whole-House Scrubber is a germicidal UV light which devours germs in the air and on busy surfaces such as counter tops, light switches and door knobs

* The Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner not only protects my homes heating and cooling system, it improves the quality of your air space by eradicating particles & impurities in the air as small as 1/10th of a micron which are extreme microscopic measures.

American HVAC is your local Indoor Air Quality Providers, able to design and install heating-cooling & indoor air quality systems in residential spaces and commercial buildings… We’re a fully equipped & licensed heating & cooling company based out of Orem/Provo, serving Utah County and the surrounding areas… Whatever your heating, cooling and-or indoor air quality needs may be, (i.e. diagnostic repair work, extreme remodel work, new construction work or retrofit replacement work) American HVAC is able to provide your services in a prompt professional & economical manner… Be Sure To Talk To The Man With A Dedicated Plan When You Call… Steve 801-427-9456 – Owner answers all call all day every day including weekends and holidays!

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