New Construction

Hand Crafted Duct Work, Radius Fittings and Low Loss Fittings

We specialize in preferred techniques that enhance the efficiency of every system we install.

While we specialize in all forms of HVAC – service, installation and maintenance. We take great pride in new construction projects. Every one is different, a new challenge with each project. Every home we go into is treated like our own. With 35 years experience, we’ve seen and done it all, and yet every custom home offers something new. We enjoy the process of creating the best solutions for the home and the customer. We enjoy working with the customer and finding the best solution for both aesthetics as well as efficiency’s and quality’s of the systems.

Professional, tight, crisp HVAC installation begins with the first snip of tin inside a neat and orderly atmosphere. The process of custom built duct work by American HVAC begins with the old school techniques. We construct genuine sheet metal fabrication inside our own shop. Many residential HVAC companies purchase prefabbed-stock duct with limited sizes and availability. This detracts from authentic sheet metal craftsmanship’s and efficiency’s of the system’s.

American HVAC is well known in the local industry for superior craftsmanship. Steve’s passion and greatest expertise lies in the new construction of HVAC systems inside of large custom homes, having dedicated himself to providing HVAC systems inside many of the largest homes in Utah, having produced custom installations for homes exceeding 10,000 square feet as a commonality, and upwards towards 20,000 square feet projects on occasion, and for 35 years running. Steve is committed to the creation of the most efficient, cleanest and least intrusive HVAC systems possible. He accomplishes this with a hands-on attitude and with the help of a few of the hardest working HVAC installers and service technicians in the area.

Comprehensive Bids For New Construction Work

FYI: Owner answers all calls, weekends and holidays included, while offering a measure of free consultation-work with remarkably accurate price quotes over the phone, typing a worthy & comprehensive bid will require a nominal fee. Comprehensive written bids should be tailored to a builders unique specifications. If you’re looking for “Quantity’s” of free bid-proposal work, as apposed to “Quality’s” in effective and comprehensive bid proposal work, then we probably would not be the company you’ll desire. We thank you for your considerations and would apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • Orem, UT New Construction HVAC Service | Air conditioning contractor

  • American HVAC is well experienced in new construction HVAC services for residential and commercial customers in Orem. Call (801) 427-9456.