10 Reasons to Choose American HVAC

Why Us?

1) EXPERIENCE! Founded in 2004 & cultivated from nearly 40 years in the industry. Since 1982, The owner’s been installing, repairing & maintaining residential heating & cooling systems from Salt Lake City, to Utah County & surrounding areas.

2) COST! With nearly “4 Decades” of experience in residential heating & cooling, we have become remarkably proficient in our methods of delivering accurate quotes over the phone, we are able to quote complicated jobs rapidly and competitively, (free bids on new equipment). Being a small company with little overhead affords you the benefit of receiving the highest quality work with super competitive pricing. BALLPARK PRICING OVER THE PHONE! Owner answers all calls.

3) TIME! Your time is your commodity and we will not waste it. We do not commit to deadlines we cannot keep. We value your time from the first meeting to meeting the final deadline.

4) RESPONSIVE! We are available by phone virtually 24 hours a day, and literally seven days a week, including holidays. Even if we don’t pick up, we are there! Owner Answers All Calls, usually on the first ring, or responds within the hour. Less urgent calls may take a little longer. WHO decides if a call is urgent? YOU DO! Simply commenting “urgent” will get your call returned as quickly as the day’s circumstances will allow. Consider: $50 in your pocket if the owner EVER drops the ball or misses your call, CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

5) CLEAN! We pride ourselves on clean work and clean surroundings. cleanliness is healthy, efficient & safe. All of our materials will always be staged in an attractive and organized manner in the most convenient place available for all concerned.

6) VERSATILE & FLEXIBLE! We pride ourselves on being pliable to the customer. This means that we are willing to meet you on your time for a proposal meeting or a progress meeting or to commence with work. Often times a customer’s circumstances will require that a job be done on weekends or night time. We are always motivated to make your project as convenient for you as we can. This commitment extends to other dynamics of the job.

7) APPEARANCE! Our employees are encouraged and required to maintain and put forth a professional appearance. Installers and technicians showing up to your home will be clean and neat. All full time employees are provided with company branded attire. All of our trucks are neat, clean and organized. There is no cigarette smoking permitted on the job site or on a customer’s property.

8) HONEST! We value truth in all things. All of our employees are in a position of maintaining honesty as well. Our goal is to convey truth to you concerning your heating and cooling circumstances. It is not our job to sell you up, nor will we sell you short. Our job is to convey as much information as you wish allowing you the control of choosing what is best for your own needs. Simply put, we’re here to inform and serve.

9) PERFECTION! Since we value perfection, we are eager to work closely with customers who have specific needs. We welcome input and participation that any customer has to offer. We pride ourselves on willingness and creativity towards making every project perfect for the customer’s needs.

10) PAYMENT & WARRANTY! We hope to offer all of our customers a sense of control and security while employing our company. Most Jobs Do Not Require Half Down Payments. All jobs are subject to the owner’s discretion. During the busiest seasons we might request a $200 scheduling deposit. Larger projects may require progress payments. Since every job is unique in terms of complexity or simplicity, we will work with each client on an individual basis. We also want you to maintain a sense of confidence regarding our warranties. Most new HVAC equipment comes with a 10-year parts warranty. We follow that up with a standard 2 years FREE diagnostic labor and repair warranty. An extended 10 years diagnostic labor and repair warranty can be purchased from the factory on certain brands and with varied prices.

This is a tall polished order. Some of it is a matter of undeniable rigid course; other parts are admittedly a level of perfection that is impossible to meet to every person’s ultimate satisfaction. We will miss the mark by a nose from time to time. We are always committed to being a cut above the majority and our ultimate goal for every job is that the customer will be compelled to mention our services in a favorable manner to someone down the line. Thank you for your considerations.

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  • 10 Reasons to Choose American HVAC | Air conditioning contractor

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