Why does this home suck

ANSWER: This home and its inclusive “building lot” are worth 1/2 million dollars presumably… This home has been outfitted with a singular “Cheap” heating & cooling system… FURTHER: this home was equipped with some really crappy duct-work that was never installed sufficiently to heat and cool the upper level bonus room… During construction, builders do what they do,, i.e. scrape by on deficient heating & cooling budgets inside half million dollar estates… THIS HOME DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER!

TO BE FAIR: This is an extremely beautiful house with an abundance of construction funds having been delivered to the homes aesthetic features… This home is graced with streams of special effects, beginning with Ultra Fine Carpet laid upon “Wide UN-confined stairways Surrounding Crystal Chandeliers, Hovering Over Magnificently Glazed Entry Ways, Cobble-Stone Paths Lead To Fancy Sedans “ALONGSIDE JACKED UP SLICKED OUT FORD RANGERS AND THINGS”… Every year when the temperatures soar,, or in the winter when they don’t, This home sucks to live in!… I Have TWO OPTIONS For You!

Go take a long, Long, LooOOooOOnNG ride inside that “Slicked Out Fancy Sedan”, Turn the AC on high and DON’T COME HOME TIL SEPTEMBER… Get ready to leave again in November!

American HVAC, Genuine Heating & Air… We are professionals in the residential heating & cooling industry… Your furnace & air conditioner ought to be a “Primary Priority” inside your beautiful home… Its never too late to make things RIGHT!.. CONSIDER: Lets out-fit your ½ million dollar estate with the proper heating & cooling systems… I have crafted an Awesome, visible & authentic quote for you to glimpse the ultimate solutions… Lets make your property the comfortable abode that it is was meant to be!

$11,500 Includes: The 4 ton “Rolls Royce Choice” heating & cooling system for your main level and basement… PRICING INCLUDES: The [1 ton Fujjitsu Ductless Mini Split System], this for your problematic upstairs bonus room… A totality of 5 tons of heating & cooling, [2 independent thermostatically controlled systems and a totality of 5 tons of cooling], that is a lot,,, enough to condition a 2500 Sq. foot main level & full basement and with the upstairs bonus room heated & cooled independent of the primary heating & cooling system..

$11,500 Includes: 98 % efficient, modulating variable speed ECM furnace & elevated grade 16.5 seer AC system… Modulating furnaces calibrate gas intake & fan speeds to conform with the nature of the day,, ENHANCED COMFORT QUIET DURABILITY & EFFICIENCY… Pricing includes supplemental 1 ton heating and cooling system, this to effect proper heating & cooling inside that problematic upstairs bonus room… The ductless mini split system includes a budget of 35′ of refrigeration piping & 35′ of electrical power source, otherwise pricing includes all labor and materials to achieve complete installation & proper operation of all mentioned equipment.

WE DO NOT PURPORT TO MEET OR BEAT ANY BID We’re already the lowest genuine price in town… Read our reviews & Choose, no other company does it quite like this!.. Owner answers all calls & personally provides all in house evaluations [free bids on new equipment].