Furnace Tune Up in Provo

American HVAC Provides the best Furnace Tune Ups available in Provo Utah. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, it’s our passion to keep your home safe and warm this winter.

Furnace tune ups are very important, but many people overlook them. What actually happens during a furnace tune up in provo utah?

Our technicians will inspect each part of your furnace, checking for damage, cracks, or efficiency problems. They’ll check the safety features, clean each part thoroughly, and take a look for repairs needed. A furnace tune up can also include changing filters, and checking for dust buildup in the ductwork of your home. We do all of this for a very low fee, once a year, to keep your furnace in the best condition possible.

There are several reasons to make sure to get a yearly furnace tune up, but here are just 3:

#1: You wouldn’t drive your car for 10-15 years without ever getting the oil changed, right? A furnace tune up has been compared to getting an oil change because it will keep your furnace running properly. Even just the yearly cleaning of dust and debris can add years to your furnace and money in your pocket (from the savings on your heating bills!).

#2: Ensuring that you take care of your furnace means that it will take care of you! The winter months can become cold and miserable, and it’s so comforting to walk into a warm home at the end of a long day. When your furnace is running properly, you’ll ensure maximum comfort in every room of your house.

#3: One of the most important things about getting a furnace tune up is that we’ll make sure your furnace stays safe. There are very important safety features on your furnace that ensure that nothing is getting too hot. We’ll make sure that these features are in tip-top condition to bring you maximum peace of mind.

Another important thing we check for is the safety of your heat exchanger. This is a vital part to your furnace, which keeps the fumes from the heating process separated from the air that is blown through your home. We’ll check your heat exchanger for cracks or signs of corrosion, which could allow small leaks of carbon monoxide.

This fall, be sure to call me over at American HVAC for your Furnace Tune Up in Provo Utah. I personally answer every single call that comes into our business because YOU are important to me. I will be here to make sure that your furnace is in the best condition for the coming winter months. 







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