Fix My Furnace Reset Button in Lehi

Here at American HVAC, the comfort of your home is our business! We are experts in all things HVAC, including your furnace repair button in Lehi Utah!

Your furnace reset button is a very important feature which keeps you and your home safe. It is designed to detect any problems with your furnace, for example, if it gets too hot. Once this malfunction is detected, the reset button will pop out and your furnace will stop.

This is really comforting to know that there are safety measures in place!

However, the furnace reset button can be tripped by accident, and it doesn’t always indicate a serious problem – err on the side of caution, right?

Here are three of the simple reasons that your furnace reset button could trip.

#1 Clogged filters. Over time, the air blowing through your furnace will leave dust and dirt in your filters – that’s why you have them there! But, you need to make sure and check your filters and change them regularly. If they are too full, the furnace will have a harder time blowing air through the filters. This can cause an overload on your furnace, which will trip the safety features.

Note: If you haven’t changed your filter in 3 months or more and it has a build up of residue rest assured that your furnace does too! Call Now & Talk To A Professional, Owner answers all calls 801-427-9456

#2 Overloaded Circuit. If you have an older home in Lehi, Utah, your furnace might be sharing a circuit with other electrical systems in your home. If multiple power sources are running, or too much electricity is going through the wires, you’ll be left with a tripped breaker or furnace reset button.

CAUTION: If you are not a Licensed Electrician or a Licensed HVAC Expert this could case major fire hazards. Call Now & Talk To A Professional, Owner answers all calls 801-427-9456

#3 Short Circuits. If your furnace continually shuts off, you might have a wiring problem within the furnace or in your home’s breaker itself. Be sure to give us a call so we can troubleshoot and identify what the problem is with your furnace reset button in Lehi, Utah.

CAUTION: There are many major and or minor components on your furnace that can cause it to short circuit. Call Now & Talk To A Professional, Owner answers all calls 801-427-9456

How to Reset it?

So, if your furnace has stopped, you might want to first check the pilot light. If it is on, you can then check on your furnace reset button. On most gas furnaces, it will be located near the blower motor. It will usually be red or yellow so you will be able to spot it easier.

If you are concerned, you can flip the breaker switch and wait until your furnace has cooled down. Or, you can just press the button back into its place. If you have done all of this, your furnace turns back on, and it seems to be functioning well, you can assume that the button tripped by accident. Go about your business in peace!

However, if you reset your furnace and it doesn’t turn back on, or continues to shut off, it’s time to call the furnace reset button experts in Lehi! (That’s us!) Your furnace might be experiencing any number of problems, ranging from quick fixes to serious issues. We’ll be able to come by your house, identify the problem quickly, and get everything fixed in no time!

I will personally answer your call and ensure that you receive the fastest, most efficient and experienced HVAC service in Utah.