Does your home have a ducting or air flow deficiency?

Not surprising, duct-work being the Unsung Hero inside almost every home in this country. With ducting located out of site, out of mind, usually hidden behind the walls and ceilings of our homes, things can be a challenge… Often times, poor construction practices will dictate that these less favorable aspects of a home take a lower priority in the building process… Along comes the hottest & coldest days of the year, and we’ve got all these houses that do require significant improvements in terms of adequate heating & cooling ducts… Poorly installed inadequate ducting inside multiple level homes is one of the biggest problems we see in the heating & cooling industry. These problems are compounded with remodel projects that occur over the course of years and decades… Another typical challenge we see are older homes built in the earlier half of the 20th century, these types of homes were designed for antiquated Heating Only not meant for modern air conditioning systems… Along comes modern heating & air conditioning during the second half of the century, and now we have all these older buildings that were never equipped with ducting designed to assimilate with modern heating & cooling equipment… The result will be a home that is extremely UN-comfortable during the hottest & coldest months of the year.

The Solution: Prioritize The Ducting In Your Home… Unfortunately, this will NOT be a welcome venture for most home-owners. Considering the costs, the noise, the dust, and the intrusions required when opening walls to install adequate ducting… Proper installation of a modern heating & cooling system with all the associated ducting required will take planning and commitment… Often times the seasons change, the storms will pass, the hottest or coldest days of the year do subside. As a result, motivation to prioritize ducting in your home can dwindle for a period of time… Until next year when we receive another phone call concerning the same house, [sometimes different home-owner] exclaiming once again that the house is UN-bearable…

American HVAC, Genuine Heating & Air is the company that provides “Free Bids” on new equipment… Free In House evaluations & consultations when you are considering replacement of your old furnace or air conditioner… American HVAC is where the Owner Answers All Calls & Provides All In House Evaluations… Personable service provided by the owner is key. As such there are times when we must prioritize/re-categorize “No Cost” consultation work… Please call for availability, and note: occasionally we must ask for a nominal fee to provide evaluations & consultation work… Diagnostic evaluations, or consultation meetings as low as $49, always credited to the repairs when the work is provided…

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