Why HVAC Preventative Maintenance Is Important In your Orem Home

Performing preventative maintenance or a furnace tune up on your Orem Home HVAC system is very important for maintaining a safer and more comfortable home as well as providing peace of mind.
One of the most important benefit is “Safety”. Having your HVAC serviced on a regular basis (commonly known as a furnace tune up) can prevent a multitude of problems most people do not think about.

#1 Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide, this is serious business. The CDC estimates roughly 85 people a year die from this “Silent Killer” with up to 10 times that number are hospitalized. These numbers are from heating equipment only and do not include other sources.

#2 Fires

Fires from heating equipment are responsible for 15 % of all home fires (from 2012 to 2016). This is only second only behind cooking. The majority of the furnace related fires mentioned, were attributed to poor maintenance were attributed to poor maintenance or lack of furnace tune ups.

Savings Overall

This is a compound savings over the lifetime of your furnace (15-30 years) when you perform the maintenance / furnace tune up on a regular schedule. Extending the life of your system honestly this can be compared to any mechanical device for an example your Automobile. HVAC systems today are far more efficient and complicated than 20 years ago. Plain and simple if you neglect the system it will Fail early.

Another way this helps with savings is by reducing energy bills. Systems working correctly are much more efficient and put less strain on other parts.
The last area we will discuss is Comfort! This is what your HVAC system is designed for, to keep your family and yourself comfortable in your home in Orem, Utah.


To keep your furnace maintained a furnace tune up can help with maintaining the life of your HVAC system for years to come Call “Steve” the owner of American HVAC in Orem, Utah. No worries he answers all calls.

For Furnace Tune Ups or Maintenance in Orem call Now (801) 427-9456

For Furnace Tune Ups or Maintenance in Orem call Now (801) 427-9456
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