Provo HVAC When Finishing Basement

Finishing your basement is a great investment in your home’s value in Provo. A lot of the work can be done yourself reducing the costs. One area you may want a contractor involved to do part or all of the specialized work is the HVAC System.

The first thing you need to determine is if your current HVAC System can handle the extra load. If your home’s current system is not properly sized for the added space you have 2 options: Upgrade the existing HVAC System or add a separate system for the basement.

Duct Work

The next area to look at is the ducting. In most cases you will want to keep the ducting and mechanical space enclosed or concealed. You will need to leave adequate space to access the HVAC System for repairs or maintenance. You will want to be mindful not to restrict your airflow with multiple bends and/or undersized duct work.

At this point you will have to look into permits and codes. In most cases this can be found at the municipality permit office. Once you are familiar with these you may find some changes are needed to be compliant. Once that you have everything planned you can apply for the necessary permits.

HVAC Contractor

If you have decided to finish your basement you are well on the way of increasing the value of your home not to mention providing more living space for your family. The best advice is to not cut corners on any aspect of the project. Know what your limitations are and seek the help of a professional licensed contractor when needed.

If you are seeking a professional licensed HVAC Contractor in Provo or the nearby city’s give American HVAC a call to schedule an appointment. When you call you will be talking with the owner “Steve” he answers all calls. He is the man with the dedicated plan that will solve all your heating and air conditioning concerns.


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