HVAC Contractors in American Fork, Utah

What A Good/Bad HVAC Contractor Looks Like?

Hiring an HVAC Contractor can be either a good experience and unfortunately can also be a bad experience. We are going to provide you with some tips on how to have a good experience before you sign on that dreaded dotted line.

First Impressions

First impressions as your parents said are usually Right! If your HVAC Contractor is not responding, (Answer your call) or when he/she does show up, they show up late or unprepared, this is a sure sign of how your project will go.

Actual Customer Review from a Google!
After a few days research, I chose to do business with Steve. His constant and timely communication with me was off the charts. The end result delivered was amazing. Finished the job the same week that I selected him, and within estimation. His attention to details, again, awesome. Highly, highly recommend his company!!

Evasive Answers To Your Questions

Another indicator is when you discuss the project, they are evasive or say “I need to check on that” and basically do not answer your questions. Granted details may require “some Checking” but if the HVAC Contractor knows what he/she is doing he should be able to answer most of your questions on the spot!

Business License, Insurance, HVAC Contractors License

A HVAC Contractor who does not present a detailed scope of the project, as well as license number, proof of insurance, HVAC Contractor’s license and the cost is in most cases not a good sign. “Today is your Lucky day!” is a common foot in the door tactic that never ends well for the customer. Relying on rebates and specials are not what professionals depend on to get business.

Total Cost Or Price Of The Project

We highly suggest that you get a couple of bids on your new HVAC install in American Fork. Any bid significantly lower should be disregarded right out of the gate. A contractor asking for a much higher percentage down is a “red flag”. Above all, if you are not comfortable or unable to communicate effectively with the HVAC Contractor it is not going to get better over time.

“Steve” the owner of American HVAC in Utah County will answer all of your calls, answer all of your questions and be there to see the project through (from start to finish) he is precise, efficient and the job will be completed to your expectations.. Steve is the man with the dedicated plan that will solve all of your heating and air conditioning problems in American Fork as well as the nearby city’s.

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