Happy New Years Utah

American HVAC, Genuine Heating and Air wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021! We have no idea what this year will bring but we do want to give you some great information for this year, concerning HVAC gimmicks.

QUESTION: How Can You Tell When A Heating & Air Conditioning Technician- Sales-person Is Lying?

ANSWER: When Their Lips Are Flapping!

Below are some of the signs to look for to see if you are being misled or falling for a gimmick. You can always give us a call and talk with the owner “Steve”, he answers all calls and can let you know if we can help you with the best price on a new heating and air conditioning system.

FOR EXAMPLE: I hear a lot of heating & cooling technicians and sales people in the industry claim that HVAC repair components & parts which are purchased through an HVAC contractor & associated wholesale distributor, these are supposedly higher quality parts than what the average consumer can purchase from alternative public sources such as Amazon (never-mind if it’s true or not!). Let’s just observe a moment, not putting stock into a self-serving statement, at least not without introspective consideration as follows…

#1- FACT: Heating & cooling technicians and sales personnel often utter what’s known as (Parrot Talk), that’s to say, it’s quite natural for us to invest with talk, talk, blah, blah, blah, often times willing to say almost anything we think sounds good so long as it sounds good to us having heard it from another source.. Us being the person(s) uttering the self-serving statements…

#2- FACT: Anytime you hear a heating & cooling technician- sales person cite self-serving statements, you can now safely wager a plump sum of your hard-earned funds that the listeners of these assertions are hearing putrid sounds which will likely be perceived as potential or probable lies… At the very least the listening person (consumer) who’s receiving these self-serving notions = statements which could be plausible or even true. The fact is, this type of dialogue could be viewed-heard as self-serving blah, blah, blah, which always has the ring of deception on the face of it being that its nothing but talk, talk, talk of a self-serving nature.

CONSIDER: If I’m going to use a similar statement (i.e. Contractor parts are better than Amazon parts), If I want to be taken seriously, if I want to be believed, I think I better have both parts in question in my hand ready for visual examination to the customers eyes, or otherwise I’m doing myself and the customer a disservice uttering those words which sound potentially or even probable non-nonsensical without validation to support the self-serving claims…

#3- FACT: Other points of talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah, parrot talk, sales-talk, including all dialogue that’s nothing more than verbal emphasis coming from a heating & cooling professional- sales person lips alluding to all these obscure-invisible self-professed attributes that the heating and cooling professional in front of you is bringing to the table all the favor of serving you better and truer than you otherwise could be served… FACT: How do you know when a sales-technician- sales person is lying to you, or otherwise parrot taking, or embellishing, or flat-out selling a line of false or unsubstantiated attributes, or whatever other putrid characterizations we might want to apply (i.e. semantics), the point of these considerations are to observe that actions and validations will speak louder than spoken or shouted words can ever be heard.






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