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    $49 Diagnostic Evaluation, Promotional Terms and Conditions


    • Talk to the Man with a Dedicated Plan!
    • $49 diagnostic evaluations Limited to owner occupied property’s (non-inclusive to rental-clients, property-management/agents etc.)
    • $49 diagnostic evaluations are intended for local and residential customers (Utah County); since we often have trucks in the Salt Lake area, please call for $49 availability.
    • $49 diagnostic evaluations dedicated to one piece of heating or cooling equipment located inside designated mechanical rooms. (not to include all locations, roof tops, attics, crawl spaces etc.)
    • $49 after-hour diagnostic evaluations, (includes weekends and holidays) are subject to conditions of the day and the locality.
    • Please call for availability – No Promo Code After The Technician Has Been Dispatched To The Property.
    • $49 credit to the repair always