Zoned HVAC? Is it right For My American Fork Home?

Here in American Fork, Utah we experience seasonal temperature swings over 100 degrees F. We all have experienced setting the thermostat to 68 degrees, only to have the room that the thermostat is in actually being 68 degrees, while other rooms are warmer or cooler by over 10 degrees. This is where zoned HVAC can help.

For Example: Let’s say you have a two story home in Provo and it is 100 degrees outside. You may find the upstairs is 10 degrees or more warmer than the downstairs. In order to get the upstairs to a comfortable temperature you are putting on sweater when downstairs and watching the electric/gas meter spin like a top.

Zoned HVAC will distribute the air to where it is needed and balance the temperatures within a few degrees within the entire home. Guess What? This actually requires less energy than the standard temp control and can pay for itself over time.

If providing a consistent comfortable temperature throughout your home (meaning every room of the house both upstairs and down), while saving in energy costs sounds good to you? Then give us a call, we can help design a zoned system to fit home.

If you live in or building a home in American Fork Utah or the surrounding area you owe it to yourself and your family to give Steve a call at American HVAC to see if zoned HVAC is right for you!

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