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Heat records are falling on an almost daily basis. HVAC systems designed 20 years ago were not designed for the temperatures that we see now in Utah County. If your HVAC system is borderline, you can expect failures over the next few months. The HVAC community is experiencing record calls and backlogs. If your system is suspect, don’t wait until it fails.

American HVAC a professional company that offers best in class services with reasonable rates. We strive in all aspects to exceed your expectations.

Below are Google Reviews from our customers:

*Steve came on the weekend and was a great help! We do so appreciate his rapid response. He was cordial fixed the problem. Thank you so much. Brenda W.

*Steve came out quickly after he came highly recommended from another contractor I worked with for a different project. He was accommodating of my schedule and discussed the HVAC system I had and gave me a couple of recommendations for service and a long-term plan that saved me thousands. He was clearly knowledgeable and experienced and that lent towards my confidence and trust in him.
I’ll definitely be calling Steve in the future with any HVAC questions or issues I have.
Nick D

*Steve was awesome – super responsive and quick, and he had great ideas about what to do to fix my problem. I had a furnace vent pipe going up from the basement through the ground floor and attic, running through an old brick chimney that I wanted to remove. So Steve rerouted the vent pipe to go up through a different place in the house, allowing me to remove the unwanted brick chimney. Steve did the work quickly at a high level of quality and for a good price. Now he is my go-to HVAC person! Evan T.

Give us a call to discuss any issues you may be experiencing so that we can setup an appointment to make sure your HVAC can maintain a comfort level that you will enjoy. As always, at American HVAC “Owner Answers All Calls” so you will be talking with an expert technician, who can answer your questions and set an appointment as quickly as possible. No worries at American HVAC, we arrive on time and keep you informed every step of the way.

For air conditioner service, repair, maintenance or diagnostic
Utah County residents call 1-801-427-9456
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