Enjoy HVAC In The Garage

If you live in Nephi Utah and are aching to use that garage or shed, but are unable to, due to no heat or air conditioning. We have the solution. Cost effective HVAC can be installed in virtually any room or outbuilding, allowing its use year round. This allows that wasted space to be used as a gym, workspace or whatever your needs are.

Let’s face it having an area you can’t use the full 365 days a year is a waste of space. Not being comfortable in your playroom, man-cave or whatever purpose you may have, is not going to be as enjoyable as having it with HVAC.

Do you have a little hobby shop you’d like to keep toasty warm on a cold winter day…

We can help with that, slick – clean & efficient, don’t blink! We Do It For A Song!

With over 4 decades of experience “Steve” the owner of American HVAC can design a way to expand your existing HVAC System or Install a new system, depending on the size and what your needs are. Think about the possible uses you could dream up using that garage or storage shed, while having the temperature at a comfortable level all year long.

Whether you are wanting to convert your garage or shed into an office, a she-shed or just another area to hang out. You can experience it any day of the year without feeling like you are in a freezer in the winter or a sauna in the summer. Portable air conditioning units or space heaters are wildly inefficient and come nowhere near the performance of a dedicated HVAC system.

“Steve” the owner of American HVAC in Utah County will answer all of your calls, answer all of your questions and be there to see the project through (from start to finish) he is precise, efficient and the job will be completed on time and to your expectations. Steve is the man with the dedicated plan that will solve all of your heating and air conditioning problems in Nephi as well as the nearby cities.

American HVAC wants to be your HVAC Provider. In Nephi Call 801-427-9456 for your local HVAC Company






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